Why we help

Vision: A world without prejudice and discrimination for disabled people.

Mission: To work closely with professionals in special education, physical and occupational therapy, adapted physical education, counseling, social work, and medicine to build a knowledge base and to create a “one-stop” service center for clients.

Mission for Disability in Uganda started in 2019, registered as an offical mission group and recognized as MFD (Mission for Disability)

Our Goal: To spread the gospel and be a friend to the isolated and vulnerable people of Uganda and to share the pain and hurt of those living in poverty and illness.

Mission Team

Eva-Maria Wenger

Board member and responsible
for the Mukono region.

Philip Minsu Park & Gloria S. Lee

Founders and directors of
Mission for Disability

Dr. Olivia Banja

Board Member

Future Plan

Since April 15, 2019, the construction started up to the roofing level. Other projects will provide education programs in Busia District.

At the Mukono region we have a Disability program at Friendship Village at Kusattu area. The program already started in 2015. The planned Children Vision Center will provide programs for disabled and non-disabled children and youth as well as vocational programs.

Disabled and non-disabled persons with disabilities living in the community and live together, making the village to mingle with the vision of dreaming.