Community Development, Special needs Education, Health care, Christian ministry.

      1. Community development; We do community sensitization about disability to care takers of people living with disability, PWDs themselves about their care and rehabilitation.
        a. House of Blessings construction project ;
        This is being done for needy PWDs after research and assessment is being carried out to identify such categories of people in the communities of the districts by the organization staff(social worker) withe help of the community leaders and the concerned local leaders. This is how MFD improves the standards of living of PWDs by transforming them form the condition for the grass thatched house to permenent houses as seen in the pictures above.

        b. Sensitization and empowering PWDs
        (PWDs groups for economic development)
        We do visit the PWDs for counselling and empowering them of economic mind and hard work for survival.

      2. Special Needs Education ; Dream School project
        MFD looks forward to pormote education for Children with Disabilty‘s(CWDs) in the community and build up the disability community by empowering the spiritually, economically, health wise.
        Dream School Project is on the construction form 15th of April. 2019. Donated from one of Krean association name Dreams Dream and one of USA Church Torence Presbyterian Church and others. Dream Scool will provide Special Needs children’s education in this area of Busia district. They have minimum CWDs around 10,000. But they didn’t have Special Needs School and educational support. It is Dream from CWDs.
        There is future plan of complementing it with rehabilitation and vocational center in order to fully ease the life of CWDs and uplift them to cope and learn to live independent olife and break the illiterate leverl among CWDs.

      3. Outreach project
        a. Rehabilitate the mobility access of PWDs :
        By giving out mobility assistive devices to those in need through community outreaches, individual home reach out and office pickup for those who can manage to reach office by themselves.
        b. Medical Support :
        Carry out community health program but this does not only benefit PWDs but benefits the general population

      4. Christian ministry
        We do empower the community spiritually by spreading the gospel through outreach programs, house construction that we called ‘House of Blessings’ meaning house church as we give out devices we also give out the Bibles for individual persons to be able to read and understand the word of God by themselves to fulfil the great commission