Health Support

Uganda is effected by a persistent nutritional crisis. The child and infant mortality remains high. Besides poverty another reason is that Uganda has one of the highest birth rates in the world. For fear of the costs, parents bring their sick children to a clinic very late. Harmless illnesses are often fatal. Children are affected, because many of them are severely malnourished and have hardly any defenses.

Medical Mission teams from South Korea for the past 12 years gave their testimonies. “We’ve been coming to Uganda for Medical Mission for the past 12 years, but had never treated this many patients. This was the first time where we treated over 2000 patients over 4 days.” We believe that God has heard the cries of his people who suffer amidst poor and diseased environments in Uganda.

Particularly hard-hit are marginalized groups such as disabled persons, children and adults. With our “Sharing Wheelchairs of Love” program we can make life of the affected people and families easier.