We can’t end hunger but relieve the circumstances In Uganda, nutrition education is deprived of the poorest who are prone to unhealthy diets or days without food anyway. Having food at school every day can mean not only better nutrition and health, but also increased access to and achievement in education. It is also a strong incentive to consistently send children to school.

Since 2015, we have been serving the children at Friendship Junior School by donating every day a nutritious breakfast and lunch meal.

Family Food Program

During our regular programs, we identified many families who have no income but need to feed up to 10 children. On top, they have to fight diseases like HIV, Malaria, Disabilities.

Our monthly food program for10 families is a drop in the ocean but with your donation we can extend this program.

Health Support

Uganda is effected by a persistent nutritional crisis. The child and infant mortality remains high. Besides poverty another reason is that Uganda has one of the highest birth rates in the world. For fear of the costs, parents bring their sick children to a clinic very late. Harmless illnesses are often fatal. Children are affected, because many of them are severely malnourished and have hardly any defenses.

Medical Mission teams from South Korea for the past 12 years gave their testimonies. “We’ve been coming to Uganda for Medical Mission for the past 12 years, but had never treated this many patients. This was the first time where we treated over 2000 patients over 4 days.” We believe that God has heard the cries of his people who suffer amidst poor and diseased environments in Uganda.

Particularly hard-hit are marginalized groups such as disabled persons, children and adults. With our “Sharing Wheelchairs of Love” program we can make life of the affected people and families easier.


Community development: We do community sensitization about disability to care takers of people living with disability, PWDs themselves about their care and rehabilitation.

House of Blessings construction project
After research and assessment is carried out by the organization staff (social worker) together with community/local leaders the identified people in the communities a House of Blessings will be handed over to the PWD.
This is how MFD improves the standards of living of PWD.


MFD looks forward to promote education for Children with Disabilties (CWD) in the community and build up the disability community by empowering the spiritually, economically, health wise.
Dream School Project is on the construction form 15th of April. 2019. Donated from one of Korean association name Dreams Dream and one of USA Church, Torence Presbyterian Church and others. Dream School will provide Special Needs children’s education in this area of Busia district. They have minimum of around 10,000 CWD. But they didn’t have Special Needs Schools and educational support and dream come true for the CWDs.
There is a future plan of complementing our project with a rehabilitation and vocational center in order to fully ease the life of CWDs and uplift them to cope and learn to live independent olife and break the illiterate leverl among CWDs.