2020 Busia Medical, Surgical, Dental Camp

2020 Busia Medical, Surgical, Dental Camp


From 27th  to 30 th of January 2020 a group of 42 medical and general volunteers from South Korea (31), Uganda (10) Canada (1), participated in the Busia medical camp. The free medical camp was organized by Mission for Disability together with the Masafu Hospital, Busia District, Eastern Uganda.

Due to poverty levels and the high cost of medical care, many families in the region are not able to access quality health care. To meet the medical needs of the people was our target and mission. Many local residents took advantage of this initiative and came in large numbers.

RegionPatientsPlastic SurgeryDentalEye
27th JanBlumni20021085297
28th JanBlumni276515110406
29th JanLumino23042575334
30th JanLumino47421035521

The Korean medical team could take good care of the patients because the team had visited and helped in Uganda many times and could gain many years of experiences. In Blumni Church, about 476 patients came and were treated. Compared to last year less patients were coming because of the rain, but this was an advantage to the patients who came. The Doctors could spend more time with the patients to give various medical service, such as internal medicine, pediatrics, BOGY and pain clinic.

In Lumino Church, about 704 patients came and were treated. As in Blumni, the patients could meet several doctors of different departments because there was more time to talk about their problems and illnesses.

Provision concerning post-operation care was made for the patients who underwent surgery. They will be given by the Doctor who works in the Masafu Hospital. Plastic surgeon, dentist, and ophthalmologist who worked in the Masafu Hospital appreciated hospital administration’s cooperation and support.