Muwanguzi Gideon

Gideon is 3years old from Nanjere village Bulumbi sub-county Busia district

Born to young parents, He  was born with hydrocephalus.  Because of the poverty of as his parents, Gideon was sleeping on the wet floor of the house, because the roof was leaking. Therefor repair.

After our decision to construct a House of Blessing, the life of the child  and the entire family was improved in terms of accommodation. Because before the house as too small for the child to freely move from one area to another within the house and while inside the house you could just see the sky through the roof

The support was of great importance in all aspects of life to this family. They also started moving with him out using the wheelchair which was given to him. The project has therefore improved the entire community regardless of age to both people with disability and non-disabled